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The commercial value of professional or technical knowledge is generally as the amount of time, effort, and unpaid labour that has been devoted to its acquirement. This value is sometimes modified by the exclusiveness of some branch that has been made the object of special study. Exclusiveness is, however, becoming exceptional, as the secrets of manufacture and special knowledge are supplanted by the application of general principles; it is a kind of artificial protection thrown around certain branches of industry, and must soon disappear, as unjust to the public and unnecessary to success..
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In treating of machinery for transport, as a class, the subject, as far as noticed here, will be confined to moving and handling material as one of the processes of manufacturing, and especially in connection with machine construction. If the amount of time, expense, labour, and machinery devoted to handling material in machine shops is estimated, it becomes a matter of astonishment to as many as have not previously investigated the subject; as an item of expense the handling, often exceeds the fitting on large pieces, and in the heavier class of work demands the most careful attention to secure economical manipulation.?
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The two propositions may be consistent with each other or even identical, but there still remains an apparent difference.!
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Having assumed a certain work to do, the cutting of tooth racks ? in. pitch, and 3 in. face, the first thing to be considered will be, is the machine to be a special one, or one of general adaptation? This question has to do, first, with the functions of the machine in the way of adapting it to the cutting of racks of various sizes, or to performing other kinds of work, and secondly, as to the completeness of the machine; for if it were to be a standard one, instead of being adapted only to a special purpose, there are many expensive additions to be supplied which can be omitted in a special machine. It will be assumed in the present case that a special machine is to be constructed for a particular duty only.
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